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How can you make use of my services?

Which tool should you use for your new online presence? How do you put together an online communications strategy? How should I convey my message? The online world is constantly evolving, and what was true yesterday may no longer be true tomorrow. It’s difficult to stay up-to-date when it’s not the primary focus of your business? Whether you want to carry out an audit of your online presence, or whether you’re considering a refresh of your existing presence, want to develop your image on the web, or are simply interested in enhancing your knowledge of the field, I can offer my services to you on an “à la carte” basis. During an initial, no-obligation appointment, I can put forward suggestions for defining our requirements, and address the areas in which I may be able to share my knowledge or make myself useful. With multi-disciplinary expertise developed over several years’ experience, I will be your point of contact throughout your project. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more or to set up an appointment to discuss your project.


Does your site only attract the crumbs from your competitors’ tables? Perhaps it doesn’t suit your brand image – and maybe it never did. Would you like to refresh your site but don’t know which tool to turn to? Are your employees short of inspiration? Do you have qualified personnel who have trouble communicating or coordinating their work? Are you looking for a skilled, multi-disciplinary project manager? We can discuss these issues during a free, no-obligation initial appointment. Once we’ve discussed these issues together, and you think you’ve found the partner you need for your project, I will be delighted to act for you further!

Community Management

Creating your online presence

Your website is the equivalent of your online business card. A high-performance, long-lasting online presence meets the criteria for accessibility, user-friendliness, and search engine links, guaranteeing an optimal user experience. While the visual aspect of the site is important, it is at least as important not to lose sight of the primary goal of your website. Like all communications tools, it must be adapted to suit your audience, their needs, and their expectations. A website that acts as a shop window will not be configured in the same way as a full online store, which will be different again from a job application site. Do your customers or contacts speak several languages? If so, it’s worth addressing them in their native language. My experience, combined with my technical skills, allow me to identify your needs and to translate them into an online presence that is as unique, capable, and sustainable as you are.

Translation and localisation

Multilingual content management

“What is written down, remains.” Nowhere is this old adage truer than on the web. No campaign, and no brochure could ever have as powerful an impact as the content of your website. Why? Quite simply, because it’s accessible, from anywhere, and at any time, from the four corners of the world, 24 hours a day. A search engine as omnipresent as Google has the power to rank you in first place or in the deepest, darkest depths of its search results. Your position on the web owes absolutely nothing to chance. Writing for the web demands a certain rigour and a good understanding of the field. You will recognise this from the way in which you respond to the flood of e-mails in your inbox. How many of these really attract your full attention? How much time do you spend on a website before deciding whether it’s “interesting” – or not? How does your current website compare? Does it attract visitors’ interest? If you think that you could enhance the potential of your online presence, or improve the message that you convey online, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Community Management

Targeted, shared, viral: these terms are on everyone’s lips and yet, the world of social media seems more like a jungle to many entrepreneurs who want to reach out to their audience via the web, but who remain fearful of getting it wrong with inappropriate content. Often, they simply give up and miss out on the opportunity to make themselves heard, due to a lack of time, skills, or experience. Whether the aim is to define a communications strategy, to implement a campaign, or to provide training to your staff on the targeted use of social media, I can offer you the chance to benefit from my expertise in the subject. Today’s social media are a powerful communications tool and it would be a shame if your business missed out on this opportunity.

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Localisation and translation

Today, the internet allows you to reach a market that extends far beyond the borders of your own location. In a country like Switzerland, which has multiple national languages, it is essential that you approach each set of potential customers in their own language. However, choosing the right words is not always easy. The issue becomes even more sensitive when you don’t speak a language perfectly and you need to convey a message that is commercially, or even legally significant, and I am particularly well placed to support projects of this nature. With French as my native language, I speak three foreign languages fluently, which means that I can transmit your message in my own language as well as helping you to communicate your message to your customers, suppliers, and partners in an appropriate way.

multilingual content management