Localisation and content translation

The challenge

The job plateform  100000jobs.ch has been launched 2015  to offer job seakers a new search engine and potential employers a new platform to promote their job openings. My mission began right after the website had been pushed live in its German version: the aim was to provide the development team with a fully functional French version of the content within a short time, as the website should be pushed live in the French speaking part of Switzerland as soon as possible.


The solution

If some text segments were already translated, such as the slogan, most of the content had to get translated. I could consult some marketing material to get familiar with the compaby and its culture within a short term. My job would consist in collaborating with the technical department, in order to provide them with texts in French, which could be integrated immediatelly.



new website


Working method

Defining the scope of my mission

Which content should be translated, in which form and witth wich term?


Evaluating the provided content

As my client wished a very quick launch in the French speaking cantons, it was very important to master this content as soon as possible.

Creating the data to be integrated

According to the files I had been provided with, the translated data should be ready to be easily and quickly integrated as web content.

Coordination with the development team in charge of the integration

As the website already existed in German, th main difficulty was to provide a certain consistance in terms of length of words and of layout. It was also essential to optimise the content in terms of SEO.

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