Marie-Aude Ramos

Website localisation

Adapt your website and its content to each of your reginonal market with a well structures multilingual website

Web content Management

Multinlingual and multi-regional SEO

Usability evalutation and concept

Offer the visiters of your website an optimal user experience

Responsive web design

Make your website perform as well on desktop computer, tablet and mobile


Web project management

Make the best out of your web project, get the best out of your partners and co-workers

Social Media Management

Create and maintain a powerful image on social  medias

How would you describe your website?

Do you speak the same language as its users?

Is your website optimised for each of your target?

Do you offer your public an optimal user experience?

On all possible devices?

Are you looking for a reliable partner to manage your web projects?

Would you like to boost your image on social medias?

About me

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My curriculum

Master CAWEB of the University of Strasbourg

My portfolio

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What my clients say about me?

It has been a great pleasure to work with Marie-Aude on the revamping of the Nordic Birth Basket web site. Marie-Aude has had a very professional approach all along the project. She asked the right questions at the beginning of the project, managed to put in the exact kind of design I had in my mind. Moreover, her additional input has been extremely valuable. Thanks to her forceful and clear communication style, she could explain me why some of my suggestions were technically not possible or not customer-oriented. She is a person who gets the big picture without forgetting the details. She understands that the design is nowadays even more important than the text itself. Marie-Aude not only knows about how to design a web site, but she moreover excels in SEO and social media, bringing customers to our website. Her outstanding command of web and design tools combined with her expertise in UX have been a great asset to this project and to my company.

Laetitia Malinen

Founder, Nordic Birth Basket

We are extremely satisfied with the results of our collaboration with Marie-Aude Ramos.  She was involved in promoting our events, creating flyers, and communications strategy. She is very responsive, with a wide range of skills and resources to fall back on, as well as her solid specialist knowledge.
We would like to extend our immense thanks to Marie-Aude once again and we would be delighted to work with her on future projects.

Nicolas Fournier & Thomas Hauser

Chef and Service chef, Restaurant Löweneck

Marie-Aude Ramos has been a great support for our company for optimizing our social media presence. She was in charge of the development of our digital marketing strategy, which happened to be a great success. We could indeed register a substantial increase of the visits on our pages and an increasing activity on our social media profiles. Her excellent languages skills have been very useful to translate our web content and marketing material. We would like to thank her so much for her help and are looking forward to collaborate with her again on a future project.

Franziska Ziegler

SEO assistant, Hotel City Zürich