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Content Management

The challenge

The Löweneck restaurant opened its doors in 2013, and is known for its Spanish specialities and tapas offering. In 2016, the new service manager sought to emphasise its high quality wines and to open its café to attract wine lovers looking for a bar in the city centre.  The website that was created when the restaurant opened was no longer up to the job due to the change of direction, and therefore the goal was to develop a website to go along with their new online presence.

The solution

Following multiple meetings in with the restaurant leaders, I drafted the text for the new online presence of the Löweneck restaurant. The aim was to coordinate the work with the webmaster who was responsible for creating the site and to plan to integrate English-language text during a second phase, with a parallel task of creating flyers for specially-themed evenings, building on the restaurant’s current website.


new website

new communication strategy

Working method


Audit of the former website of the restaurant

First and foremost, it was vital to define my client’s needs. What was their motivation for creating a new website?  What did they expect from their new online presence, and the promotion of the website via social media?

Defining an image

An online presence is like a business card for the web, and as such, it’s important to define the image that you wish to convey, and what the brand promises to deliver.  In the case of the Löweneck restaurant, the challenge was to identify what differentiated it from other tapas restaurants in Zurich.

Defining the target audience

At whom is the new website aimed?  Who are the customers of the Löweneck restaurant, and whom would they like to attract?  In which language should customers be targeted?

Defining the SEO strategy

On which keywords did my client wish to be ranked?  Should they offer for purely organic linking via SEO, should they pay to obtain results, or would a blended strategy be appropriate?

Translating my client’s needs into requirements for the webmaster

One of the biggest challenges in this project consisted of building a bridge between the client’s expectations and the webmaster’s assessment of their “feasibility” in terms of the graphical design and creation of the website.

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Projects for the Restaurant Löweneck

We are extremely satisfied with the results of our collaboration with Marie-Aude Ramos. She helped us to optimise our website, as well as its content and its page layout. She was involved in promoting our events, creating flyers, and with our marketing and communications strategy. She is very responsive, with a wide range of skills and resources to fall back on, as well as her solid specialist knowledge.
We would like to extend our immense thanks to Marie-Aude once again and we would be delighted to work with her on future projects.

Nicolas Fournier et Thomas Hausherr