Community Management

The challenge

The Hotel City Zurich re-opened its doors in 2013 after a complete renovation.  This boutique hotel benefits from an ideal location in the heart of the city.  The reopening of the hotel also served as the occasion to create a Facebook page and to seek to promote the hotel via social media.  As the page had not produced the desired results, my task consisted of revising the online communications strategy and to provide training to the team that was responsible for managing the hotel’s social media profiles with a view to obtaining convincing results over the long term.

The solution

The “new” Hotel City is a gem, both from an architectural standpoint and in terms of the way it offers its services. Social media are therefore a key vector for promoting any hotel, due to the way that they make it possible to identify a target audience, measure the reach of the message, and adjust the content to reflect the results obtained. We started by choosing to focus on the hotel’s Facebook page and to work on promoting their special offers (such as weekend and event rates) and to direct more traffic to their website.



de Likes


d'interactions sur la page

Working methodology


Analyse of the company's social media profiles

The first step consists in finding out which are the strenghth and weaknesses of the company’s social media profile(s). What are the expectations of my client? Why have they not been reached so far? How can we improve the efficiency of their image online?

Defining the audience

Who is the audience of my client? How does this audience split? What are the interests of each group and how to reach them? Using personas, the profiles of each different group which form the audience have been analysed and displayed in details.


Elaborating a communication strategy

Based on the results of the two first researches, a communication strategy could be worked out. Goals have been defined on short, middle and longer term. This gonna be the base of all the coming communication campaigns.

Definition of the coming campaigns

Since the audience and the commnunication strategy have been defined, the large thematics around which the communication campaigns will be generated can be defined. The goal is to create a consistent communication plan, throughout the social medias (if several) and the company’s home page.

Training the team

Who wants to achieve a positive outcome on longer term, needs the required ressources to do so. As a consultant, it is my role to make sure that the staff members of my client will be able to work out the communication strategy we defined successfully in the future. Several trainning workshops have been organized o reach this goal.

Monitoring the results

As defined along the communication strategy, regular monitoring of the results achieved tok place after each defined stage. Should the result not be as good as expected, the reason for the drawback would be analysed and a considered for the following of the process.

Community Mnagement for the Hotel City Zürich

Realisations for the Hotel City Zürich

Marie-Aude Ramos has been a great support for our company for optimizing our online presence. She was in charge of the development of our digital marketing strategy, which happened to be a great success. We could indeed register a substantial increase of the visits on our pages and an increasing activity on our social media profiles. Her excellent languages skills have been very useful to translate our web content and marketing material. We would like to thank her so much for her help and are looking forward to collaborate with her again on a future project.


Franziska Ziegler

CEO Assistant, Hotel City Zurich